Individual creation of 3D models at high grade of details especially for 3D real-time applications, e. g. simulations

 Possible models:

  • characters
  • ships
  • airplanes
  • vehicles
  • machines
  • production line etc.

Core Competences:

Specialization on the creation of moving 3D models for real-time applications, particularly simulations

Realization at high grade details

Strong know-how of performance optimization, whereby fluent movements are possible although there are many models integrated in the 3D world

Use of high modern technology

Very experienced through long-term adept of projects


  • static and dynamic models
  • low / mid Poly Modelling
  • Rigging
  • animations
  • addition of interactivity of movable details

Examples for interactivity:

  • lights
  • particle systems (e. g. humidity, dust, exhaust fumes)
  • switching statuses
  • interactivity of movable details like rotor blade, doors, windscreen wipers etc.
  • interactivity of characters like facial expression, natural courses of motion, deformation, event controlled animations, connection to additional models (e. g. umbrellas)
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