Creation of very big 3D worlds for real-time view systems, especially simulations

State-of-the-art graphic with high level of detail

Performance friendly map design for a continuous fluent movement in the 3D real-time world


Core Competences:

Creation of very big 3D worlds which are walk-on-able, driveable, reachable by plane, and destroyable

  • strong knlowledges by long-term project experiences
  • extremely exact in detail implementation with very high recognition
  • strong knowledges how to optimise performances so that a appointed minimum framerate can be warranted
  • use of high professional game engines (especially Havok Vision and others)
  • very experienced in handling Middleware like Havok Physics, XaitMap, XaitControl, City Engine and also in-house developed tools, e. g. building generation and traffic generation tools


Experienced in projects of creating:

  • villages / towns / cities
  • railroad networks
  • road networks
  • harbours and sea areas
  • exercise areas



  • driving simulations (road and rail)
  • nautical simulations
  • flight simulations
  • protection and operation training
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