Concept creation for 3D worlds

To achieve the best training effect it is very important, that the 3D world of the simulation has got the highest possible recognition. Therefore the setting is supposed to be presented as realistically as possible.

During the concept process a conceptual design is built that shows the required contents of the setting.

Our concept covers:

  • recording of the training aim
  • definition of the training area

The subsequent schedule contains:

  • on-site research to collect the required data in AVI, JEPG, WAV, XML
  • data evaluation and specification of the required exactness of area details
  • creation of textures, 3D models, meshes, and terrain
  • import of the created objects into the 3D engine
  • designing the 3D scenario and content integration
  • integration of interactivity


Concept creation Programming

The given specifications by the customer will be turned into an individual concept.

The creation of the concept will be done with permanent consultation with the customer, whereat the long-term experiences and ideas of our qualified specialists will be integrated. Generally the efficiency factor of the developed software/tools/modules will be considered.

Subsequently, the customer gets a concept with the timing calculation.


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