Creation and implementation of simple and high complex logic in 3D real-time applications, especially simulations.


Core Competences:

Implementation of any logic into the project.


  • vehicle control system / machine control system
  • vehicle technology
  • controlling and timing of several defects of objects / machines (e. g. deterioration, coincident or dynamic conditions)
  • character control
  • controlling and timing of signals/ processes
  • controlling and timing of program sequence plans
  • AI control
  • controlling and timing of interactions/interactivity within the 3D world


Implementation of up to most complicated / most complex control systems

  • strong knowledges by long-term project experiences 
  • usage of professional tools like XaitControl (by Xaitment) or several in-house developments



  • the creation is extremely timesaving at lowest error rate against
    conventional programming in C++
  • the graphic UI allows clearly representations of even complicate processes
  • software independent
  • extremely performance saving in 3D real-time applications
  • the modular structure allows reuse, e. g. in different projects
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