Shader allow to create special rendering effects for 3D computer graphics. 

Our core Competences:

Almost every visual effect is possible, especially for 3D real-time applications (e. g. 3D worlds).

Our high quality designed Shader are mainly based on DirectX technology.

Use of latest Shader technologies (i. e. Havok Vision and others).

Strong knowledges by long term field experiences in many projects.


  • terrain texturing with several layers
  • texture animations
  • illumination
  • post-processing effects (e. g. depths of field, tonemapping, weather effects like rain and snow covers)
  • multi-texturing


  • with Shader effects there is definitely much more to get out of the performance of graphics cards 
  • natural materials, like water, can only realistically be presented by Shader technology
  • tree`s leaves and a meadow`s grass are usually animated by Shader to move in a natural way, depending on wind intensity
  • there are no boundaries for render effects
  • reuse in different projects is possible


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