Realistic sounds will achieve anything!


The sound`s task is the support of the orientation in the 3D world. Placed sound sources can be/must be recognised to determine directions and distances.

Therefore it is very important to create the appropriate sound effects. This happens in an easy way:

  • on-site recordings for usage in 3D worlds
  • huge sound data bank
  • sound generation
  • loop generation

For the sounds in 3D worlds we mainly use the Middleware FMOD. With it we have got the possibilities to parameterise and target sound effects. Sound sources can react interactively and independently on their 3D environment/camera position.


Running noises of a tire on dry road. They change if the lane is slowly getting wetter. As well as the road is covered with snow or while passing a tunnel. The camera is positioned in the car (cockpit view). Additionally there is an audible difference between a closed window, a window which is opened only a little, and a completely opened window (infinitely variable).

Furthermore, we offer:

  • voice recording and voice recording post-processing
  • sound on video
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